Uganda Mission

During August 13-23, 2015 our medical team traveled to Uganda to provide free medical and dental care. This medical mission was particularly gratifying due to logistical challenges we faced. Before making our overseas trek, we were provided with a “Wishlist” by the area organizations we would ultimately reach, which included:

  • Mulago Hospital needed medical devices for gallbladder surgeries.
  • Lira Hospital wanted assistance in the department of dentistry and to help formulate a plan so that Lira Hospital could upgrade various surgical, nursing services and build a new Outpatient/Teaching Center.
  • The orphanages needed a variety of equipment and supplies.

Kenya Mission

Highlights from our 2014 Mission to Kenya!

Upcoming Missions

With difficulty accessing adequate medical care, many Ethiopians use traditional healing methods and medicines.  Indeed, “traditional” Ethiopian “healers” have been using ritual and herbal remedies to treat people for centuries.  It can be stated that many Ethiopian communities have far better access to traditional treatments, sold in the marketplace, than to government-run or private medical facilities.    Common illnesses in Ethiopia include malaria, tuberculosis, and respiratory infections.  

Our goal is to work with the Ethiopian government in establishing a medical facility that can be used to train medical personnel in the use of laparoscopic and endoscopic equipment. The skills and talents acquired will be useful in treating disorders that affect women, such as prolapsed uteri, vaginal fistulas, cystoceles, rectoceles, and hemorrhoids. We will also provide additional medical and dental care while onsite. For more information-EMAIL US:
Estimated Expense per volunteer:
Health Information on Uganda:
Estimated Expense per volunteer:
*Registration Fee        ***
*Airfare                   volunteer provides
*Immunizations       volunteer provides
*Visa                        volunteer provides

Registration Fee Provides:
*registration with US State Department(STEP)
*medical insurance
*emergency medical evacuation insurance
*accommodations onsite-except at the arrival and departure city.
*meals(typically all breakfast)
*ground travel within the host country
*medical equipment
*basic life support instructions
*guides and professional fees