Medical Mission-Ethiopia

With difficulty accessing adequate medical care, many Ethiopians use traditional healing methods and medicines.  Indeed, “traditional” Ethiopian “healers” have been using ritual and herbal remedies to treat people for centuries.  It can be stated that many Ethiopian communities have far better access to traditional treatments, sold in the marketplace, than to government-run or private medical facilities.    Common illnesses in Ethiopia include malaria, tuberculosis, and respiratory infections.  

  •  Our goal is work with the Ethiopian government in establishing a medical facility that can be used to train medical personnel in the use of laparoscopic and endoscopic equipment.  The skills and talents acquired will be useful in treating disorders that women are affected by such as prolapsed uteri, vaginal fistulas,   cystoceles, rectoceles, and hemorrhoids.  We will also provide additional medical and dental care while onsite. For more information-EMAIL US:
Estimated Expense per volunteer:
*Airfare                         volunteer provides
*Visa                               volunteer provides
*Registration with US State Department(STEP)
*Emergency medical evacuation insurance
*Onsite accommodations-except at the arrival and departure cities.
*Ground travel provided within the host country
*Guides and professional fees
Medical Mission- Uganda
Lira Regional Referral Hospital

Lira Regional Referral Hospital is located approximately 210 miles north of Kampala. The hospital offers both general and specialized services and is one of Uganda’s thirteen teaching hospitals. Lira Hospital serves the Lango sub-region comprised of the districts of Lira, Amolatar, Apac, Otuke, Kole, Alebtong, Dokolo and Oyam.
One of our goals is to work with the international community in providing Lira Hospital with an oxygen generator for their ICU complex. We believe that the acquisition of this equipment will decrease both morbidity and mortality within Northern Uganda.

Mulago National Referral Hospital
Founded in 1913 by Sir Albert Ruskin Cook Mulago, Mulago Hospital(MH) is the National Regional Hospital for the Republic of Uganda. It also serves as a general hospital for the Kampala metropolitan area and as a teaching hospital for The Makerere College of Health Sciences. Mulago Hospital is undergoing a massive restoration that will greatly enhance their ability to diagnose and treat. Some of the advancements will include computer tomography(CT), magnetic resonance imaging(MRI), X-ray machines, ultrasound machines and eye equipment.
Orphans of Uganda
One organization that we had the pleasure of visiting while in Uganda was the “Me and you child aid project” It is a registered community-based group in Masaka, a district of Uganda, with a registration number C.D 7591. The organization was formed to acquire the basic necessities of life for the children in Masaka. In the region, HIV/AIDS and proper education are crucial areas of focus. It is estimated that 60% of the children in this local council do not go to school due to lack of funds for school fees, scholastic materials, and proper guidance. works with the kids that are orphaned, affected by HIV/AIDS, and homeless by providing education, shelter, nutrition, and access to medical care.
Kabale University
Kabale University is a chartered public university that mandate is to bridge the educational gap in Southwestern Uganda. By fulfilling its function of generating and imparting knowledge through their alumnus, the university’s goals are to empower men and women to realize their full academic potential. Kabale Hospital (KH) is located in Kabale district of South Western Uganda. It is a 265-mile drive from Kampala. The hospital was established in 1918 and initially designated as a small facility mainly serving expatriate staff and business communities.
In 1995, it was officially converted to a Kabale Regional Referral Hospital(KRRH) and provided medical care to the people residing in the Ugandan districts of Kabale, Kanungu Kisoro, some regions of Ntungamo, and Rukungiri. Its international reach includes residents living in the bordering countries of Rwanda and eastern area of the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC).
In 2014, a recommendation was submitted by the administration of Kabale University to upgrade KRRH into the teaching hospital of Kabale University once its medical school was completed.
Estimated Expense per volunteer:
Health Information on Uganda:
Estimated Expense per volunteer:
*Registration Fee        ***
*Airfare                   volunteer provides
*Immunizations       volunteer provides
*Visa                        volunteer provides

Registration Fee Provides:
*registration with US State Department(STEP)
*medical insurance
*emergency medical evacuation insurance
*accommodations onsite-except at the arrival and departure city.
*meals(typically all breakfast)
*ground travel within the host country
*medical equipment
*basic life support instructions
*guides and professional fees